Saturday, August 07, 2004

Unicode IPA Input

Just saw the new Unicode IPA Input tool Charwrite mentioned on Language Log. This tool looks very promising, and I can think of one web application, in particular, in which I plan to incorporate this nice javascript. As Mark Liberman mentions, the handling of diacritics is still not all one could hope for, and various types of browser font-weirdness complicate the design of these things (Charwrite works great for me in Firefox, but has font troubles in IE).

Speaking of Unicode IPA input, since being forced to become a Windows user (Linux, I still love thee), I have developed a great fondness for Tavultesoft's Keyman keyboard manager and the Unicode IPA keymap for Keyman that comes with SIL's Doulos Unicode font (beta). Doing linuguistics on Linux and other Unix-like operating systems would be much easier, I think, if there was an input system of this kind for X11.


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